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Funky Rock Designs

The Stone Drink Dispenser

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Our Stone Drink Dispenser is sure to be a hit at any party or event. Serve your drinks on the rocks! (Or through one!) Available in 4 different granite colors which makes it easy to match with your counter-top, bar or home décor.

To use: Simply place the stone on top of the opened bottle, then turn them back over together as one. For your customer who finds that method difficult (because of the combined weight), we have a handy accessory called the "I Ain't Lifting That Rock" Beach Stone Bottle Stopper which makes loading the bottle much easier (WS $9).

Fabricated from New England quarried granite and topped with a hand-selected beach stone handle. US Patent #9,016,525

Optional Valve Materials: Chrome Plated Brass Valve, WS $63, 304 Stainless Steel Valve, WS $66 (Prop. 65 compliant) Required in CA and with online retailers.

*Stones vary in shape, size, color, texture, weight and may or may not have natural mineral deposits*