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Zodiac Girl Coffee Co.

Zodiac Girl Coffee Sampler

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Finally, a sampler of all the Zodiac Girl Coffees in one Collection!! This is a great gift for the coffee and astrology lover!!

You get 12 2oz. Bags with all the Zodiacs

•Aries: The Warrior
•Taurus: The Bull
•Gemini: The Twins
•Cancer: The Moon
•Leo: The Leader
•Virgo: The Thinker
•Libra: The Judge
•Scorpio: The Phoenix
•Sagittarius: The Free Spirit
•Capricorn: The Professional
•Aquarius: The Rebel
• Pisces: The Mystic

Each Coffee sample will make a 10 cup pot of coffee! Only comes in Standard Grind at this time!

Grab for yourself or a friend! Great birthday gifts!

Comes in a black stand up pouch with a valve to ensure freshness!

The box is not included. You can package them however you want. I will include a sticker on the back that lets the buyer know the origin and tasting notes! Feel free to reach out and ask any questions!